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How To Use AmalaDNS

Amala DNS can be applicable with three simple ways, such as seti it up on your browser, on your router or on your server

DNS Filtering For Healthier Internet Usage

AmalaDNS is a service provider of security services and leading Internet that will make Internet use safer by using an integrated web content filtering, anti-phishing and DNS.

7 Steps To Avoid Phising Email Attack

Username, password and credit card information are sensitive information of the user who targeted by cyber criminals. Many types of attacks intended to steal data such as this, for example, with phishing which is often carried out...
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4 Tips To Protect Children's Online Activity

Today Internet technology has developed rapidly. One of the indication is the increasing access to the internet.No doubt, the Internet is now the gateway information which carrying a million positive contents and also ...
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How to use AmalaDNS

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